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We provide a wide range of technical support options offering the choice to suit your Service and Product. Our dedicated team works 24/7 and will resolve your inquiries with minimal time. If you are facing any problem and feel like you need help, our support team is on standby and ready to help you out. Below is a support ticket creation to be filled out;

Service Support

24/7 & 365 Support

We are aimed to provide you maximum benefit from your resources and with this, we make it possible by consistently maintaining your systems and providing timely support. 

maintenance is key

Whichever systems you use, regular security maintenance is vital for making sure your systems are in full working order. Our dedicated service department ensures your systems are maintained at the correct service intervals.


At KhaliTech we provides excellent website maintenance services to improve usability, security and functionality of your website. We work with each client making sure that their sites are maintained in a way which best satisfies their needs


In order to enhance your service delivery capabilities and be in compliance with the latest enterprise ethics and codes, We provide you with application maintenance tools, methods and frameworks that can help improve overall efficiency.